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2024 Nominating Committee Report

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February 15, 2024

The Nominating Committee consists of Anne Strassner, Chair, Richard Brown, Tristan Bultman, Norris Daniels, Stephen de Francesco, Susanna Guffey, Elizabeth Littlejohn, Rob Long, Marcy Sendax and Bob Stinson. Zack Thompson, Rector, serves as ex-officio.

At the Annual Meeting on May 12, 2024, the parish will elect a Warden and four Vestry members. Missy Condo, Sr. Warden, is eligible for re-election.  Justine Keithline has completed one three-year term and is eligible for re-election. Sue Bennett, Susanna Guffey and Elizabeth Littlejohn have each completed two consecutive three-year terms and are ineligible for re-election.

At the annual meeting in May 2019, the parish approved a change to our By-laws, to move from contested elections for Vestry service to having the parish elect a fixed slate of candidates, in which the number of candidates matches the number of open positions.

The Committee received several nominations from the congregation, all of which were thoughtfully and prayerfully considered.  In our work together, we discussed the criteria that we felt were important for the slate given the continuing and current Vestry membership, as well as the Expectations and Responsibilities of all Vestry members.  

The Nominating Committee presents the following slate for the St. James’ 2024 Annual Parish Election:

For Warden:

Missy Condo

For Vestry Member:

Tom Goss
Justine Keithline
Ellie Smith
Catherine Workman

Under the By-laws, within three weeks after the nominations are posted in the parish house, any person qualified to serve as a candidate for the office of Warden or Vestry member, who shall present to the Vestry, or have presented on his or her behalf, a petition that his or her name be listed as a candidate for such office signed by at least twenty persons eligible to vote at the Annual Parish Election, shall have his or her name added to the ballot as a candidate for such office.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Strassner, Chair, Nominating Committee

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