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Nominating Committee accepting nominations for Vestrymembers and Warden

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Nominating Committee accepting nominations for Vestrymembers and Warden

In preparation for the Annual Meeting on Monday, May 22 at 6:00 p.m. (date changed), the Nominating Committee prepares the slate of parishioners for election to the Vestry. Anne Strassner will chair the Committee, which will meet beginning Tuesday, January 3. The committee members are: Tristan Bultman, Missy Condo, Norris Daniels, Stephen de Francesco, Susanna Guffey, Marcy Sendax, and Chris Workman. The Rector serves ex officio.

As a result of Jennifer Charrington’s decision to step down as Senior Warden and following the Vestry bylaws, the Vestry, at the December meeting, elected Missy Condo to serve as Senior Warden through the remainder of Jennifer’s term (Annual Meeting 2024) and Waddell Stillman to complete the remainder of Missy’s term as Junior Warden (2023 Annual Meeting).

For the 2023 Annual Meeting and election, the Nominating Committee will nominate someone to stand as Warden, as well as two Vestry members. Tristan Bultman and Stephen de Francesco will both complete their second three-year term on the Vestry and are ineligible to stand for election. Nina Huffman and Aaron Simpson have completed their first term on the Vestry and they have both chosen to stand for a second term. A Warden must be a current or former Vestry member, so we may need to fill three Vestry positions.

If you would like to nominate someone (or yourself), please review the Expectations and Responsibilities for Vestry Service and then reach out to any member of the Nominating Committee or email Anne Strassner, Chair, at

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