In the days leading up to Consecration Sunday several parishioners shared their stories of stewardship.  We invite you to join us  in worship at 8:00, 9:10 & 11:15 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and for festive gatherings Sunday, November 14 as we come together to offer our 2022 financial commitments and give thanks for our shared life in Jesus Christ.

Harper Simpson
Stewardship at St. James is a wonderful thing, and I am moved to give to the church to support its physical and spiritual engagements. St. James’ does so much for the people of New York, whether that be through gardening at St. Ann’s Church in the Bronx, the Friday dinner and Tuesday lunch programs, anti-racism discussions and more, and giving to this church enables all of it to continue. For me though, stewardship is extremely spiritual as well. Recognizing everything we have as gifts from God, and then giving those gifts in support of a church that is dedicated to helping us all grow—as well as helping other people—is something that is incredibly comforting. Being generous with those gifts we are giving for the sake of giving, and helping people in all walks of life, makes me genuinely glad to give.

Helen Evarts
There is a spiritual life within all humans (even, or especially, in children) where we search for the ineffable, to understand the meaning of life. I come to church each Sunday because I find there a moment of peace, a time to think about my faith, a time to join Jesus, a time to sum up my week and contemplate how I could become a better person, in other words, to seek my soul.

I make a financial commitment to St. James’ happily because it gives me a reward I do not get from any other aspect of my life. It helps me feel good about myself because I know I am supporting an institution that helps so many people, those I know and love, and those unknown to me. St. James’ forms a community for me, important because I live alone. Its prayers keep me in touch with the great and deep meaning of life, helping me become a better person by giving me self-knowledge. Prayer gives me compassion, because I pray for others, and listen to the prayers of others. During these past dark months, the church has kept me alive, knowing each morning when I awoke, that I had Morning Prayer to attend, with Evening Prayer to end my day. St. James’ is a force for good in my life, and in the community outside the church where its message of equality, compassion, and love is heard loud and clear. I give my treasure to St. James’ as a symbolic thanks for all the spiritual gifts it keeps giving me.

Derek Gottfrid
Change and constraints have been big themes for the last 20 months. The things that constrain us have always been there – time, money, all the limits of this world but, on top of that, COVID has forced us to adapt and live in a world that is less certain, less secure and certainly less planned out. All of this has reinforced to me, the knowledge of the one thing that endures, doesn’t change and exists without constraints – God’s infinite love for each of us. My prayer is that each of us learn to accept and receive God’s love, let that fill our hearts and reflect that out into the world.

St James’ is a place where I receive and experience God’s love – it happens not just in Sunday Service and all the programs but also in the little spaces and the interactions with all of you. St James’ is also a place where I can reflect God’s love back out into the world and one of those ways is with stewardship. The constraints of this world are real and I feel my own limitations daily but my stewardship is an opportunity for me to acknowledge and humbly reflect God’s enduring infinite love.