You’ve just clicked on “I’m New” — and we assume you are at least a little curious about where we at St. James’ might want to take you. The answer to that is quite straightforward: deeper into a life with God through Christ.

Of course, you may well ask, “What on earth does that mean?” Rather than provide my answer, we want to help you discover for yourself what a life in Christ might look like. It begins in weekly worship; from there we hope you’ll go further…

Start Here

How We Worship

Every Sunday, one of the clergy will be happy to meet with you right after the services. Just meet us by the bell at the back of the church. We’ll have a brief conversation about what led you to St. James’, where you are or how you hope to grow in your spiritual life, and what you are likely to experience at St. James’. Finding a church home can feel haphazard. We want to join you and support you in discovering what a life in Christ might mean for you.

If you want to go deeper, or find out more about the Christian faith, or how we at St. James’ seek to live out our faith, then we have several wonderful opportunities for you. The best place to start is St. James’ 101, a brunch between services where you will meet the clergy and some parishioners to learn about life at St. James’. Or perhaps the Christian faith is new to you, or you are seeking a renewed or deeper understanding of your faith? If that is true for you, we encourage you to learn more about our Catechumenate program, a 10-week class led by our clergy designed to help you explore the basics of Christian faith and what it means to call ourselves Christians in 21st century New York. And you certainly won’t go wrong by attending our weekly Sunday adult education offering, our wonderful and engaging teachings and conversations about the central figure of our faith.


Get Involved

Of course faith isn’t just about what you know, or even about what you believe. The Christian faith is a lived faith, and a faith shared with others seeking deeper and transformed life in Christ. At St. James’, we are clear that finding your way into one of our Small Groups is a great next step toward experiencing the faith we share. Though our groups focus on different topics and meet in a number of different configurations, they are centered on a few core values: members of each group read and reflect on Scripture together, pray with and for one another, support one another in faith, and seek out opportunities to serve neighbors in need together.

We’re glad you clicked on “I’m New”. Even more, we’re thrilled you are wondering about what a life of faith might mean for you. We hope we’ll get to explore that together.