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My life has been changed in a way that influences so much of how I live here at home – thankfulness, giving, believing, loving, and an awareness of the breadth and diversity of God’s creation.

— Madeline Schroth, parishioner

Reaching Out a Helping Hand

Have you ever filled a water bucket from a hand-pumped well? Built a church pew from scratch? Stuck your hands in thick gray mud and molded a brick? Stirred cornmeal mush over an open fire? Clapped your hands and danced in worship?

If these images intrigue you or scare you – or both – consider participating in a group mission trip. On a practical level, group mission trips combine service projects, worship, and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. On a spiritual level they take us out of our comfort zone and provide insight and growth in our individual journeys of faith. Explore the world and the world of faith as a family; build communities with others from St. James’.

St. James’ Partners in Mission trips are immersion experiences in partner dioceses within the Anglican Communion. They’re open to youth age 14+ (accompanied by a parent) and to adults.

Volunteer Opportunities

Called to Serve

Consider joining an upcoming trip to Port-au-Prince to work at St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children. Contact Susana Ferrer to learn more.

Keep our partners at the St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children (Haiti) and in Chiradzulu (Malawi) in your prayers.