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To our dearest fellow Parishioners,

As you all have learned, our beloved Rector has announced her intention to retire.  Brenda has been our steadfast leader for over 25 years – a constant and guiding presence. To say that we shall miss her dearly is a tremendous understatement.  We are blessed and indeed truly fortunate that, with our Bishop’s blessing, Brenda will continue as our Rector until such time a new Rector is called.

As your Wardens, we want to give you an update on the search process. There are specific steps and guidelines for a parish to follow in order to mount a successful search for a new rector.  This week will find us in touch with the Diocese of New York, including sending formal notification to Bishop Dietsche as required by canon law.  Next will be the formation of a Profile Committee, who will be responsible for compiling our Parish Profile – a snapshot of who we are, including our mission and ministries. This profile will be used to help possible applicants get to know us. While the Parish Profile is being developed, the Vestry will appoint a Search Committee, who will be responsible for screening, interviewing, and ultimately recommending one or more candidates to the Vestry. The average time needed to extend a call to a new rector is 12-18 months.

As we enter into this time of transition, please know that we, as well as all Vestry members, stand ready to be of assistance to you in any way we can as our parish undertakes this search.  We will, of course, keep you informed as the process moves forward.

We give thanks to God to Brenda for her leadership. It is with hearts full of gratitude that we begin to look towards this next chapter in our life together at St. James’.  Please keep Brenda, the Clergy and Staff, Wardens, Vestry and lay leadership in your prayers, and be assured of our prayers in turn.

With love and appreciation,

Jennifer C. Charrington, Senior Warden

Missy Condo, Junior Warden