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Doing Good Works

The Grants Committee gives financial assistance to agencies providing direct services to meet the needs of under-served communities across New York City. The Committee gives priority to small, community-based agencies with budgets under $300,000. The Grants Committee is blessed with hard-working, dedicated and discerning volunteers who diligently visit many small agencies all across New York City.

Agencies Receiving Grants in 2020
  • Church of the Gethesemane
  • CIANA-Center for the Integration and Advancement of New Americans
  • Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals
  • Fraternite Notre Dame (East Harlem): To fund emergency feeding programs
  • Harlem Family Institute Health Advocates for Older People (UES): To provide services to help seniors continue to live independently
  • Institute for Immigrant Concerns
  • Justice for Families Moravian Open Door
  • New Amsterdam Boys and Girls Choir
  • Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry (Lower East Side)
  • Project Cicero
  • Quisqueya Community Care Center
  • St. David’s Church
  • St. Ignatius Soup Kitchen
  • St. Ignatius School (Bronx): Funding for Graduate Support Program serving middle school students, facilitating high school and college application and matriculation
  • St. James Fordham Food Pantry
  • St. Margaret’s Camp and After School Program (Bronx)
  • St. Mary’s Community Meal Program (West Harlem)
  • Washington Heights Choir School
  • Young Urban Christians and Artists, Inc. (Bronx): Funding for after school and summer youth programming