The St. James’ Vestry, our elected governing body, is comprised of parishioners who represent a broad spectrum of our community and are responsible for the “temporal affairs of the parish,” for stewardship of church money and property, and program development and oversight. Their work often goes unnoticed, but each member has a passion for, investment in, and commitment to our life together in Christ. So when you come to worship, you can focus on what’s really important.

Election overview

At the Annual Meeting, the parish will elect a Warden and five Vestry members. This year Jennifer Charrington will complete her second two-year term as Warden, is eligible and has chosen to stand for re-election. Richard Brown, Dolly Geary and Bob Stinson have each completed one three-year term. Eligible for re-election, they have each chosen to stand again. Hugh Boston has completed one year of his second three-year term and has resigned due to professional obligations. Marcy Sendax has completed her second three-year term and is ineligible for re-election.

Who can vote

All baptized parishioners of 18 years or older who have been in regular attendance at worship services at St. James’ and are contributors of record are encouraged to vote. Rules of eligibility will be enforced per the parish by-laws.

A note on Fixed Slate Elections

At the Annual Meeting in May 2018, the parish approved a change to our By-laws, to move from contested elections for Vestry service to having the parish elect a fixed slate of candidates, in which the number of candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee matches the number of open positions.

The Nominating Committee met in January. The committee consisted of Lisa Smith, Chair, Tristan Bultman, Missy Condo, Norris Daniels, Stephen de Francesco, Patrick Kidd, Marc Rice, Marcy Sendax and Anne Strassner. Brenda Husson served ex-officio. The Committee received several nominations from the congregation, all of which were thoughtfully and prayerfully considered. In our work together, we discussed the criteria that we felt was important for the slate given the continuing and current Vestry membership, as well as the Expectations and Responsibilities of all Vestry members.


For Warden

Jennifer Charrington

I am deeply humbled and honored to be asked to continue to serve as (Senior) Warden at St. James’ Church. It has been a role that has been a source of great joy to me. There is no other place, nor group of people, with whom I would rather spend my time and energy. I believe that each one of us has a call to continue to grow spiritually. It has been particularly exciting for me to be witness to the remarkable spiritual growth taking place amongst parishioners through our work together. The enthusiasm and energy is bubbling up all over the place! I look forward to learning, praying, serving, questioning and going further on this journey together, as we deepen our relationships with God, our neighbors and the world.
For Vestry member

Ying Garcia Bory

Name: Ying Garcia Bory 

Family: Victor Garcia Bory (husband); Victor Miguel Garcia Bory (son)

St. James’ ministries: Grants Committee Co-Chair (2020/2021 – present); Grants Committee Member (2018 – present); Youth Committee (2017 – present)

Personal statement: Born and raised in Shanghai, P. R. China, Ying discovered St. James’ in 2012 when she and her husband were searching for the right church for their family. Since then, St. James’ has been the “home away from home” for the Garcia Bory family, providing them with opportunities to deepen their faith. After participating in the Catechumenate program, Ying was baptized at St. James’ in 2014 and confirmed in 2015. During the past ten years, Ying has served as committee members for the Children’s and Family Ministries, Youth Group and Grants Committee. She has been the Co-Chair of the Grants Committee since 2021. Ying’s career as a Commercial Banker within the Real Estate Banking Industry has allowed her to develop financial, analytical and communication skills to work with diverse groups and projects. Ying is honored to serve as a Vestry Member at St. James’ Church and look forward to contributing to the betterment of the parish and community.

For Vestry member

Richard Brown

Richard considers it a privilege to serve on the Vestry after having done so once before for six years during the transformative “Master Plan” years in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Professionally his career has been a mix of twenty years in private banking and more recently in residential real estate. For over three decades, in times of joy and difficulty, St. James, has played a critical, influential and stabilizing role in Richard’s life. He has two grown children, Charlotte and Preston, who were baptized and confirmed at St. James’ and grew up participating in Sunday School, children choirs, and as acolytes. Upon their graduation, he shifted from the 9:10am service to being one of the Usher Captains for the 11:15am. It is however the Candlelight Communion service at 6:00pm, with its contemplative and centering qualities, that has become his mainstay. Richard is grateful for St. James’ participation in Renewal Works and the opportunities for spiritual growth that are available through these rich and varied offerings. It is his hope these programs, often small groups welcoming a blend of newcomers and parishioners of longstanding, will continue to grow in participation. They are sources of inspiration and connection that provide the means and pathways for each of us to strengthen our relationship to and love for God and to one another.
For Vestry member

Dolly Bross Geary

Dolly is honored to serve on the Vestry and is excited to serve as the liaison to the New Member and Evangelism committee and the Youth Council. Dolly and her husband, Jack, have two daughters, Eloise and Hilary, and have been active members of St. James’ since 2002. St. James’ is their spiritual home and a place where they have grown as a family and individually through the vibrant and beautiful services, Christian formation, volunteer opportunities, and just by being a part of the community for many years. In the past, Dolly served on the Mission Committee, Adult Education, and Parents of Young Children committees and led a small group Bible study. Outside of St. James’, Dolly runs a contemporary art gallery with her husband and volunteers with Student Sponsor Partners, Art21, and the Lehman College Art Gallery.
For Vestry member

Justine Keithline

Name: Justine P. Keithline 

Family: Roger Keithline (husband); Nora Keithline (daughter)

St. James’ ministries: CurrentParish Life, Co-Chair; Sunday School, Third Grade Teacher; Bible Study, Tuesday Moms’ Group and Wednesday Group with Clergy. Former | Children’s and Family Ministries, Co-Chair; Vestry Nominating Committee; Parish Weekend Away Committee; Sacred Ground, Revive, and The Way

Personal statement: When she signed up Nora for a toddler playgroup at St. James’ in 2009, Justine never anticipated becoming actively involved in the parish or having her dormant Christian faith revitalized. Her life is enhanced and her soul is nourished from volunteering with other parishioners on committees such as Children’s and Family Ministries, Parish Life, and Parish Weekend Away and from teaching Sunday School. She relishes the many opportunities to learn and grow her faith through weekly Bible Study, special courses like Revive and Sacred Ground, and Sunday Eucharist in the sanctuary. By becoming a Vestry member, Justine is committed to faithfully serving St. James’ in old and new capacities as it shares God’s love with parishioners, neighbors, and the world.

For Vestry member

Robert Stinson

Bob is an architect, husband, father, and grandfather, not necessarily in that order. St. James has been a very important part of his and his wife Mimi’s move to New York several years ago. It has provided a place of welcome and support, and a place of service as well. He is very honored to be a part of the vestry. Bob serves on the adult formation committee, the newcomer’s committee, the usher team, the grants committee and the property committee. Especially meaningful has been his participation in the men’s group on Friday mornings. St. James’ unique combination of welcome to all, spiritual growth in Christ, and outreach to the New York community makes it a very special place. Part of the church’s ministry has been to raise money through the second time around sale, and then donate this money to the grants committee to distribute. Visiting the charities which we support and seeing the difference we make has shown how very important St. James’ is not only to our local community but to the city as a whole. Bob looks forward to working with the Vestry as we grow inwardly in Christ and use the strength that gives to reach out to our families, neighborhood, city, and beyond.