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    { We're Glad You've Visited }

    We welcome you and invite you to enter into a deeper exploration of a community that shares the love of Jesus Christ with each other, our city, and the world. It takes more than a few words to describe a parish, but there are two things we can tell you right away: we are committed to Jesus Christ and from that commitment flows our care for one another and our ministries. In every ministry and program, we at St. James' Church on Madison Avenue at 71st Street invite you to enter more deeply into the life we share in Christ. We hope you will join us.

    The Rev. Brenda G. Husson, Rector

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    { Sundays }

    8:00 a.m.  |  Holy Eucharist (Chapel)

    9:10 a.m.  |  Holy Eucharist (Church)

    11:15 a.m.  |  Choral Eucharist (Church)

    6:00 p.m.  |  Candlelight Communion

    Mon. - Fri., 8:00 a.m.  |  Morning Worship

  • { Getting Here }

    LOCATION: Madison Ave. between 71st and 72nd Streets

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    OFFICE PHONE: (212) 774-4200

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    { First Time Families }

    We've found that St. James' mix of rich Anglican tradition and innovative, fun family worship and programming is just the right recipe for helping kids know God's love.

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    When you come to church at St. James', you can expect to find...

    SPACE TO PRAY. Our services include hymns, prayers, and time for silence, as well as Communion and sermons that connect our Scriptures to our lives.

    SPACE TO BE YOURSELF. Worshipers at St. James' come from many different places, backgrounds, and perspectives.

    SPACE TO MAKE CONNECTIONS. Whether it's your first time or your thousandth, there's always an opportunity to get better connected with God and one another. Join us at coffee hour or stop by the Welcome station on your way out. We look forward to meeting you.


2018 Vestry Elections

Your church . Your leaders . Your call.

The St. James’ Vestry, our elected governing body, is comprised of parishioners who represent a broad spectrum of our community and are responsible for the “temporal affairs of the parish,” for stewardship of church money and property, personnel, and program development and oversight. Their work often goes unnoticed, but each member has a passion for, investment in, and commitment  to our life together in faith. So when you come to worship, you can focus on what’s really important. 

Voting begins April 22. Learn more about where, when, and how to vote. 

Candidate for Warden


Jennifer Charrington

Family: Peter (spouse); Spencer and Theo (sons)

Occupation: Full-time wife, mother, and homemaker

Personal Statement: It has been my sincere joy to have served as a Member of the St. James’ Vestry for the past three years. I am deeply humbled and honored to be asked to serve as Warden. There is no other place, nor group of people, with whom I would rather spend my time and energy. I believe that each one of us has a call to continue to grow spiritually. It has been particularly exciting for me to be witness to the remarkable spiritual growth taking place amongst parishioners through our work with RenewalWorks and the survey. No matter where we might find ourselves on the journey, together with the Vestry, the Clergy and the Staff of St. James’ Church, we need to ensure that all members of our congregation have the support and tools to take the steps that are needed to deepen our relationships with God, our neighbors, and the world. I look forward to learning, praying, serving, questioning and going further on this journey together. 

Candidates for Vestry Member


Sue Bennett

Family: Sophie (daughter)

Occupation: Freelance Creative Project Director

Personal Statement: The doors of St. James’ are open every day: I believe this is so important. By having the doors open St. James’ parishioners have the opportunity to worship, grow spiritually, deepen their relationship with God, and can spread the Good News of the Gospel outside of the doors of the Church. We warmly greet all who come in the open doors. St. James’ is a welcoming place to worship, to belong and to grow. I am so proud of the Church I belong to. We are a strong community with many ways to be involved; from worship services, to the amazing children’s programs for kids of all ages, to adult forums and small groups, to mission and outreach beyond the doors of the Church. All of these elements of St. James’ are essential to our continued growth, as a church and for individual members. It is my hope to continue to support all that we do and also explore new ways to reach out even further. I believe we all have a responsibility to keep the doors open with our financial gifts to the Church. By giving financially we receive so much in return. With the doors of  St. James’ open we can fulfill our mission statement as a community that actively shares the love of Jesus Christ with each other, our city, and the world. 


Hugh Boston

Family: Sarah (spouse); Richard and Isabel (children)

Occupation: Vice President, Interpublic Group

Personal Statement: St. James’ is such a wonderful community and it is one of the joys of my life to be a part of it and to share this walk with my family and fellow congregants. It is incredibly enriching to be a part of St. James’, and I feel inspired and grateful each time I enter our church to worship or to engage in work or fellowship. While as a parent of young children I am closest to the children’s and family ministries, I see and am appreciative for the work of this church across its diverse congregation. Our church is strong due to the work of so many who have gone before us, and it is our responsibility to continue the Lord’s work in this place now and in the future. At St. James’, “we are welcome here” and so is everyone who seeks to join us. We must live this invitation by ensuring that St. James’ continues to be a place that welcomes, supports and inspires for service all who seek a life and community in Jesus Christ.



Elaine Connelly

Family: Mark (spouse); Casey, Kathleen, and William (children)

Occupation: Homemaker

Personal Statement: I believe that each of us has something to give to St. James’ and that it’s our calling to figure out what that is and to act on it. Our vibrant Church community helps us to explore different things, but ultimately the choice to is ours to make and to live by. St. James’ asks us not only to be present at weekly service, but also to make spirituality a vital part of our daily lives. I have found that making a commitment to the ministry that partners with children whose parents are incarcerated has helped me find that calling. 



Susanna Guffey

Family: Ross (partner)

Occupation: Attorney

Personal Statement: St. James’ has been my home through both hard times and joy. It has been an absolute privilege to serve and be a part this church family in a myriad of ways so far. I have loved getting to know our “next gen” by teaching middle and high school Sunday School, bonding with my peers in the St. Jamesians, and having opportunities to share with parishioners of all ages through the Catechumenate and other small groups. Growing up as a preacher’s kid, church has always been a constant for me. However, I know there is something about St. James’ that is truly special, whole-hardheartedly welcoming and dedicated to spiritual growth in Christ. I am looking forward to continuing our Christian journey together, as we challenge ourselves to grow both as individual followers of God and as a community. 



Elizabeth Littlejohn

Family: Andrew (spouse); Drew (son)

Occupation: Art Appraiser, Littlejohn Art Management

Personal Statement: I am honored and humbled to be considered as a candidate for St. James’ Vestry. My family and I are extremely grateful to be part of our special community, and I am proud to have contributed in numerous capacities over the years. If elected, I will look forward to serving our congregation in an even more meaningful way. Spiritual growth — as individuals and as a community — is a priority for me, as is continuing to make St. James’ a welcoming place for all newcomers, particularly families and the newly baptized. Although I currently am a regular attendee of the 9:10 a.m. service, I value St. James’ broad reach via its multiple services, liturgies and music programs — all of which allow the greater congregation to feel connected to God and to each other. 


Bob Stinson

Family: Mimi (spouse); Elizabeth (daughter), Andrew (son-in-law), Oscar (grandson)

Occupation: Architect, R.A. Stinson & Associates, Inc.

Personal Statement: My first memory of St. James’ was one of welcome and I now find myself welcoming others through the programs of St. James’. This welcoming spirit is constantly commented on by the steady stream of newcomers to the Parish. Small groups, the forum, and our wonderful liturgy of word and music provide a means of deepening faith and provide a wonderful sense of community. Working with the Property Committee, the Grant’s committee and the RenewalWorks Workshop, which is exploring how to promote spiritual growth in the St. James’ community has shown me how we honor St. James’ mission to show the love of Christ with other parishioners, the city, and the world. I am grateful to be a part of a community which welcomes, asks us to participate, and assists us in discerning how to serve through its programs. I look forward to seeing how God strengthens these priorities.


Nina Whiting

Family: Gordon (spouse); William and Virginia (children)

Occupation: Homemaker

Personal Statement: St. James’ has become a critical part of our family life here in New York, and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for that. When we were first married and thinking about children, we looked around and asked friends which churches they liked — and which they didn’t. Obviously we wanted one that was family friendly. Almost to a person, everyone said, “St. James’”. First because of the drop-in infant programs, and second because of the entire staff — clergy, Miss Vicki, everyone. Once we began attending services on a regular basis, we continued to find programs and people to support us throughout our journey as new parents. Since then, my family has become involved in so many aspects of St. James’: Sunday School, the Christmas Pageant, the Investment Committee, Parents of Young Children Committee, Grants Committee. The list continues to grow. It is my belief that you get back what you put in. That is more than true for St. James’. We have happily supported this wonderful church, through time, talent and treasure, but what we have gotten back far surpasses that — fellowship, support, friends, and a deeper relationship with God. This is a very special community and I’m forever grateful to be a part of it.